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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This term is loosely used for websites that allow its users to interact and share information. This type of website depends on the interactions of its visitors to build a shared meaning though its comments, voting, and overall response. Some categories would include:

  • Social News
  • Social Book marking
  • Social Networking
  • Photo Sharing
  • Video Sharing

Video is an increasingly popular online marketing tool. Video marketing is a great way to effectively communicate your product or service, the value of any, and the benefits within the shortest possible time. There's nothing that comes close to the effectiveness and power of a well designed video message. The right video can land you thousands of viewers and positive brand awareness.One major benefit of video marketing is the play on optimization. Google will index and display your video within the natural keyword search area.

Video Optimization Benefits:

  • Improve your reputation and credibility, and increase your brand awareness
  • The video will be indexed in Goggles natural search results
  • Searchers will find and watch your video via Google Video and You Tube

How Can This Help Me

Before anyone makes the decision to buy a product or service, they will most likely search around on the net to read about your reputation. Using Speech Easy as a prime example, those who stutter may research Speech Easy's reputation on Google. They will find these videos proving the stuttering device has worked for Thousands of people around the world. This will add to your product's or service's credibility. By adding credibility, it will improve the chance of visitors/searchers buying into your product or service.

SMM services

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