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Email: Call Now! +91-97174368984

Packaging Design


Give your ingenious product an eloquent tone,
the ‘Shelf-Shout’ that builds up your brand’s promising character
in the consumer’s mind instantly.

Before your product gets the chance to advocate its brilliant traits, it is the packaging that communicates on behalf of your product, competing with other brands on the shelf. Packaging design should be a blend of aesthetics and functionality that along with creating an emotional connect with the audience, also disseminates the information of the product in a quick and simple way.

At Litmus, we have a team who knows the art of the product packaging design. In order to have the complete knowledge of your target audience, we undertake research to understand the discerning attitude of the consumers of your industry so as to pitch in the user-friendly package design with an element of surprise.

We are one of the branding agencies in India who believes that good packaging goes a long way in increasing the sales of the product, while poor packaging can dramatically pull down the company’s sale. Hence, while designing we lay stress on factors like appealing colours, readability of the message, protection of the product and the convenience of carrying it. All our efforts are directed to make your product outshine all the other brands on the shelf.

As the packaging design company, we have decoded the code to striking designs that positively influences the buying decision. While designing, our designers take into consideration one of the significant derivations of the eye-tracking studies that consumers read on an average only seven words on their shopping trip and make impulsive buying decisions based on color, shape, and familiarity of location.