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When it comes to increase in sales and promoting the product, catalog is the best option to do so. There are many catalog designers available in the market, which are providing catalog design services. These services include producing an efficient and attractive kind of catalog in minimum and suitable budget. Catalog design is an important process which requires lot of attention and experience.

What basic thing you need to start a catalog? It is the information, images and complete features of the product or service. This is what which makes the layout of the catalog. Catalog service providers are well aware of these facts and making it more convenient for the clients by offering some more services like taking the photos, estimating the cost of process and gathering important information. After all that steps, the process of catalog designs starts to move to toward completion.

After collecting all necessary information about the product, the next step is to plot a basic structure for a catalog. This is in fact the base for the building of catalog. Structure includes the positions of images, text and color combinations to be applied on the catalog. Structure gives the idea that how will the catalog looks after completion.

Catalog should be centerpiece it means that the image of the product must be large enough and all the focus of the catalog is on the image of the product. Design provider advices their clients to provide those images in which there are less amount of products because if there are many products in one image then it will be difficult for the buyer to focus on the product which he want. So the image is kept large and mostly in the center of the catalog to catch the eye of the customer.

Design of the catalog is well organized and unique so that it looks different from other catalogs and helps in winning more customers and clients. Proper design and flow of catalog makes it sure that the product will get more and more customers.

The most attractive feature of a catalog is its color combination. This requirement varies from client to client, some demands fancy combination and some light colors according to their product. Catalog service providers also keep this demand in mind and produce fine quality catalogs. Covering edges also supports the catalog design but there is a condition on covering and that is the items and images used for covering should match with catalog design and product.

Text is another important addition to the design of catalog. Usually provider uses maximum 3 styles of fonts on catalog because excessive styles will make the catalog overloaded and the attraction of the catalog will not be prominent. One page catalog usually takes 2 weeks to complete.

Catalog Design

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