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Did you know that size matters?

That no matter how powerful your words are, how catchy your image or logo is and how witty is the overall appearance of your brochure, you would not get the results that you wanted if by any chance you chose the wrong size for your brochure?

Take the experience of Andy, a neophyte businessman in the field who decided to invest on an internet shop business near a school. He has everything well planned and thought of. From the location of his business to the kind of computers that he purchased for his computer shop. He even hired some professionals to help him design his computer shop and consult some of his friends or acquaintances who are already successful in the same field for some tips and helpful information that he might need for the future.

In addition, Andy also studied for more than a month, the business strategy of his future competitors. He looks for their possible weaknesses and limitations and start from there. He wanted everything to be perfect for this business since he invested almost all of his savings to this. He cannot afford losing on this one.

However, there is one important thing that Andy missed, or maybe he deliberately missed. He failed to come up with an efficient marketing strategy for his business. He will be opening in three days and he doesn't have any strategy on how he would promote his new business. He doesn't even have a decent brochure to start with.

He is already procrastinating so he just came up with a simple announcement of the opening of his internet shop printed in a low quality bond paper. As expected, the mediocre brochure didn't work. Some of it was easily drenched by the rain while others are thrown away without even reading what the brochure is all about.

There was another thing that Andy missed. He did not foresee that another computer shop is also opening on that day. The other computer shop has a well defined marketing strategy and a very catchy brochure. They even included a promo, they are giving away discounts for those who can come to the shop and present the brochure.

Obviously, the other computer shop was able to gather as much clients and eventually patrons and Andy's computer shop is still struggling. The fact that he is still trying to come up with an efficient marketing strategy while the operations of his computer shop is already ongoing is not helping it all. You see, advertising is really an important factor in every business enterprise. It is actually considered as the lifeblood of any business and it is the avenue by which you could gain clients that can give you profits and gains. Having a good marketing plan also requires a pretty neat implementation.

A marketing strategy need not to be grand. It is not required for your business to have a giant billboard or have a TV commercial. It could be as simple as having a witty A4 card brochure on your hand. Why A4? Well, apparently, A4 is the perfect kind of paper for any brochure.

Brochures, Cards

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